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3 Best WordPress Themes For Marketing & Sales on 2018

If you want to create a website for marketing or sales purposes, and you know nothing about coding, then here you can find some of the top wordpress themes for marketing and sales.

There are a lot of important elements and rules you should follow in your website to have a successful marketing or sell a product online. The themes provided below have the ability to help you create your own site and also become successful at marketing. If also you need to learn more about marketing and sale you can join our course on this topic and together step by step we will work on your website. I will help you understand the needs of your business and what you should do on your website, how to install your theme, how your home page, landing pages, store and blogs should be so you have a successful marketing.




Optimize - SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Theme


Optimize is one of the best wordpress themes for marketing. This theme has a lot of useful tools on itself for marketing, sale and SEO which make the work much easier for you. It is responsive and for all devices and the page loading speed is high.

From my perspective, what makes this theme unique is the ability to use powerful elements for marketing such as using a call to action button at it’s header. UI and UX are extremely important to have a successful website and in marketing it is important that all the design look simple and understandable. It shouldn’t be complicated and confusing or users will get lost along the way and we can not direct them to our goal.

SEO Engine – SEO & Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme


This theme is also one of the good wordpress themes for marketing and SEO. You can take a look at it and depending on your business and your needs select the ones which fits better.

The important things you should pay attention are the elements you may need, like call to actions, landing pages, blogs, store and so on. Also another important factor here is to check the page speed which help you a lot to bring your webpages higher in the search result.

Landkit – WordPress Landing Page Theme


29+ wordpress Checklist to setup an eCommerce

Setting up a successful WordPress website for eCommerce, marketing and sales is not an easy task to accomplish. That’s why I created a WordPress checklist to help you and make the work much easier. Below you can download the checklist and edit it according to your business and needs.

Setup Your WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales

Together we are going to create a practice website for eCommerce and marketing, and to make the work much easier for you, below you can download all the medias we are going to use on this demo website.

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Rashaad Cambui
2 years ago

the link is broken page doesn’t open

1 year ago

The link to download files for demo site is not working.

Leana Nuñez.
Leana Nuñez.
1 year ago

Thanks for all the resources! I´m enjoying a lot the course. So far so good.

minneasota web design

This post is good.It’s useful for me.It’s easy to understand.

Grant Hawes
Grant Hawes
1 year ago

hi, demo site do not want to download

Grant Hawes
Grant Hawes
1 year ago
Reply to  Pouya Eti

The link to download demo site is not working

1 year ago

sir the link to demo website is not working

Aminul islam
Aminul islam
1 year ago

for Exam- I’m bay 1 theme how many websites I use this theme?

1 year ago

Kindly suggest best theme & plugin for Indian matrimony site develop.

vishal yadav
vishal yadav
9 months ago

Demo file is not downloadable

5 months ago

Thank u sir, I’m glad Happy to you because your teaching are practically so awesome really really understand to each topic so thank u

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