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Build Your Social Media Marketing Agency – Part One

Build-your-business-part 1-pouya-eti-social-media-marketing-course-smma


During this section, we will learn the very first important steps to build your social media marketing agency. Even though we call it social media marketing agency, but it also includes a major part which is about the internet and digital marketing.

Social Media Channels

We are not going to use all social media channels for every business, but it is important to know what are they for and where we have to use them. For example, maybe you don’t need to use Pinterest for a dentist. We are going to learn more about social media channels below.

  • Youtube: Long form marketing
  • Instagram: Showcase and highlights
  • Twitter: is the load
  • Facebook: Combination of Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Email: Lifeblood of a business
  • Google ads: Engine of a business
  • Facebook ads: Second engine
  • Snapchat: Niche market
  • Pinterest: Search engine

Depending on the type of each business, you have to create a plan on how and when you are going to use each social media channel. As we go forward we will learn more about planning.


Business model

It is important to know which way you have to go to build your agency, what are the steps and general plan for your business structure.

What is the main plan for your agency:

  • 1-10 clients
  • $1k – $5k /month
  • Cancel anytime policy
  • Local/online
  • Start with giving audit
  • Grow their business
  • Try as many people as you can

What you are going to help clients with:

  • Manage SM
  • Site optimize
  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing 
    • paid = ads
    • Free = SEO

You will learn about all of these channels inside this course. We will spend some time practicing so you can master them all and get ready for the real world.

Starting a social media marketing agency has 3 major steps right at the beginning which are

1- Name

2- Company Structure

3- Site

Name your agency

The first step we have to take is to find a name for your company. Actually it is better to select 2 names for your business. These names are for:

  1. Legal name of your company
  2. DBA = doing business as

It is suggested to select 2 different names for many reasons. For example later you can easily change your DBA but changing the legal name of the company is much harder. Also there are some important tips you should consider while you are looking for a suitable name which are:

  • You can use your initial + holding/ventures for the legal name of your company.
  • Do not name your company after yourself, because you can not sell it later.
  • Name your DBA after your niche (we will learn more about selecting a niche during the next couple of chapters).
  • If your DBA point to what you do, you already won half the battle.
  • Show reward in your DBA


Also when you are looking for a name you should also think about a common username on all social media platforms, for example:

  • instagram.com/sameusername
  • facebook.com/sameusername
  • youtube.com/sameusername

This way people can find you much easier. You can also follow this rule later for your clients. There is a great tool which help you check all channels for available username which is namechk.com . You can write down the username your are looking for and it will show you in which platforms it is available.


Forming your company

The second step is to register your company legally. You may say you can start doing this without registering your company, yes, maybe you can, in different countries it is different but there are many good points in forming your company. If later anything happen, you will be able to protect yourself, also when everything get serious you will stop procrastination.

In most countries LLC , or similar to it is available which for a social media marketing agency it is mostly suggested. LLC has a lot of benefits which one of them is when someone sue your company you and your assets will be protected.

If you are in United states you can use the websites below to register you company and do the legal work.

A great tip for those of you who live in United states is that you can form your LLC in other states even if you don’t live there. Some states has lower tax rate and some laws are different.


When you should bring a lawyer?

This is a common question that most people has and the answer is when ever you don’t know what to do or how some rules work. Some people are concerned and say we can’t afford a lawyer. Well you can always pay them hourly or even you can offer your service. You can help them with their social media marketing and in return they help you with your legal work.


Get your domain

The third step is to register your domain, and there are several instructions that you should follow. Also your DBA and domain can be the same or close to each other.

1- Use reward/profession: If you can accomplish this task well, later your work to get clients will be much easier. You should know what is your niche, are you going to do marketing for restaurants or dentists (in upcoming chapters we will talk about selecting your niche). For example:

  1. Bad = Social Media Marketing Group
  2. Good = Dental Digital Marketing


2- Simple & understandable: Do not use difficult words that people don’t understand. Do your best to select words which are very simple so people can remember it if they hear it even one time.


3- One dictation: There are some word that when you pronounce them can have several dictation with different meanings, try to avoid these kind of words inside your domain.


4- Ending and Beginning: You have to pay attention not to put words beside each other that the ending of one of them is the same letter as the beginning of the next word like:

  • Marketing + group
  • Digital + legend


After you have selected the right domain for your agency, it is highly suggested to get the same domain with other endings like .org or .net . The reason is that first of all others don’t take it and second maybe later you needed to do something else and you can use those domains.

When you want to purchase your domain there are some other options when you want to check out. One of them is to make your information private so this way people can’t find out who is the owner of that domain. Some times people will find you and bother you by contacting over and over. More privacy is always better.

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Janeth Mollel
Janeth Mollel
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am getting troubles in playing videos.. its realy hard on me to follow my lectures can i get aacess to download the videos? because am listening while going through with notice on the website

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Devang Parmar
4 years ago

Hi Sir,

How I can register my company in India and which document should I need sir

Yuval Bloomberg
Yuval Bloomberg
4 years ago

where is the option to download documents?

4 years ago

the videos are not playing, its directing me back to this page

4 years ago

Name your agency section > when you suggested to name 2 , one for registered and another for DBA, are you suggesting
#1. I should create both at the same time or
#2. Create DBA first, then move up to register llc when things doing great?


Emmanuel Azunna
4 years ago

nice one here

4 years ago

Hi Sir, I’m unable to see the course details in my login account. pednekarruchika@gmail.com plz can you help?

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3 years ago

HERE I am learning something I didn’t know like important of creating agency by using better name and DBA.

Payal Soni
Payal Soni
3 years ago

Do I need to register my company now or we will get more details in next lectures?

Becca Gardner
Becca Gardner
2 years ago

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2 years ago

where is video in this section?

1 year ago

Im a teen so i dont know if i should start my company, what should I do?

1 year ago
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