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Build Your Social Media Marketing Agency – Part Two

Build-your-business-part 2-pouya-eti-social-media-marketing-course-smma


Now it is time for the next part of building your agency. In this chapter, we will learn important stuff such as pricing, building a website and outsourcing some of the tasks you need for your business. We also will have lots of assignments to complete.

Setup pricing for your agency

Pricing is very important in building a social media marketing agency. Some people put very high prices and lose the chance to get clients, and some undervalue their business. But here in this lecture, we will learn what is the best pricing table for your clients.

We are going to have 5 pricing tables which each of them includes some specific features inside it.

  •  $0 – provide a free audit to potential clients
    • This way they will understand you know what you are doing and by giving something free, you will be more convincing in signing the contract.
    • You can create the audit for
      • Social media platforms like FB, IG and so on
      • Their website
      • Their competitors
      • SEO


  •  $997 – The foot in the door
    • Provide basic marketing like social media marketing, website optimization, and email marketing but with a limited time weekly
    • It must have “cancel anytime”
    • It must have refund the last month


  • $1997
    • All of the last package + more hours
    • It must have “cancel anytime”
    • It must have refund the last month


  • $4997
    • All of the last package + more hours
    • It must have “cancel anytime”


  • $9997 and more – Enterprise
    • All of the last package + more hours
    • It must have “cancel anytime”
    • Planning and other professional marketing features

You must know the value of your time and the service that you deliver. Respect yourself, work as a professional, and deliver results to your clients. If you bring your price lower, of course, you will get a lot more clients but you also have to work much more, and it is better to have fewer clients and get paid more, this way you can also deliver a better result to your clients.

Build your website

It is important to have a website for your agency, but it doesn’t need to be very professional. In this lecture, we will use 2 different platforms to build your website without any coding knowledge. There are many platforms out there that will help you to create a website easy and fast.

There are some websites such as:

Below I have added some tutorials from Youtube about these platforms, which will help you to learn more about them and build your website much better.


Wix tutorials:

Wix itself provide some tutorials about their own platforms. Click on the link below to get access.


Also, I have shared some Youtube video tutorials about wix which you can watch and learn more about it.

Squarespace tutorial:

Squarespace itself has great learning videos about their platform which you can go there and learn about each topic you want.

Click here to go to Squarespace tutorials


The good point about these platforms is that everything is very easy to understand, with spending 1 hour you can learn a lot about these platforms and start to build your website for your agency.

But there are some downsides as well. If you use these platforms to build your website, you can not be in control of everything, you can not bring a developer and ad things that you want. You can create your website within a frame of possibilities that these platforms give you.


There is another platform that you can use, it is much cheaper but a bit harder to work and learn and it is WordPress.



The other way to build a website that is very common is using WordPress. WordPress is an application that you install on your host and use it to build a website. It is more complicated than the other 2 platforms we saw but it has its own benefits.

The biggest benefit is that everything is under your control, and it is much cheaper. But there are some steps that you have to follow in order to set up your website.

  1. Buy a hosting service and connect it to your domain
    1. Godaddy
      1. You have to go to applications and install WordPress
    2. Namecheap
      1. Select easyWP
  2. Select a theme that you like the most and meet your needs from WordPress or other online stores
  3. Create and edit your website the way you want it
    1. You can use plugins like WPBakery or beaver builder to style each page


What do you need to create on your social media marketing agency website?

Now that you know which tool you want to use, there are some instructions to follow and create your website. Let’s go through them together.

  • Customize your site
    • Edit name and main icon
    • Select the main colors
    • Set up the theme options
    • Setup footer and header
  • Design home page
    • A header which explains what you do in several words
    • Video or image about your business
    • How you deliver value to your clients
    • Testimonials
  • Create a pricing page
  • Create a contact page

Website optimization and web persuasion

Late on the course we will learn more about website optimization, what rules you should follow to create a greate website both for your agency and your clients. Also we will learn about web persuasion which is perfect for your clients.


Along the way, you may face some task that you can’t accomplish it, and hiring a person for it can be very expensive. That is why you should outsource that task to someone else.

This way you can hire someone for a short term, with a cheap price. There are several good platforms out there that can help you to find the right freelancer for your project.

The first website is Upwork. Upwork is one of the best platforms out there for outsourcing. You should just create an account and select the option that you are looking to hire. Post your task and look for the right freelancer.

Click here to get to Upwork


The other platform is Freelancer.com , I have used this platform for a long time but not as a job owner, but as a 3D designer several years ago.

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4 years ago

Hi, I have a problem with “Setup pricing” part. You didn’t show us how we calculate our value, for example, I live in Serbia and this pricing that you showed us is very high for my country. The second problem is how to charge specific service – for example, I want to charge Social Media Strategy separately, how can I calculate the price? Can you please add more about this topic, it’s very important.

3 years ago
Reply to  Teodora

I am in same problem… there are many more pricing .. how much to charge for ads? how much to charge for posts? Are the separate or should be combined?

Raph Satchell
Raph Satchell
3 years ago
Reply to  shawna

How did you eventually work it out?

Root Victor
Root Victor
3 years ago
Reply to  Raph Satchell

There are no specific rules for what pricing you should offer. As for the ads @shawna, you should charge them seperately, and should discuss the client about the budget you can use for the ads. And as you said the pricing is too high for where you live, it’s upto you how much you want to charge. If you think $500 is enough for 18 hours a week, you should go for it. If it’s too much according to where you live and your clients won’t be willing to pay that much to you, you should reduce a little bit… Read more »

Tylar Applegate
Tylar Applegate
3 years ago
Reply to  Teodora

Look up prices in your area! Eventually, as you get more experience with Digital Marketing you will understand how to price things.

Tazul Masud
Tazul Masud
3 years ago

Thanks for this excellent blog.