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Private Course Creation Documents

All the documents below are private and provided only to the students of this course. Using them will make your work much easier, cleaner and with more success.



Course idea validation

It is the most important step you should make before starting any course. It is the foundation of course creation and if the foundation is wrong, everything else you build above it will go wrong.

Click here to get access to the “course idea validation” file on Google sheets.

Attention: Do not forget to make a copy for yourself.


Course content map

The next important step is to have a strong structure for your course, and plan everything right at the beginning. Don’t go very deep in details, you can do that as you go forward in building your course, but right now it is important to have a clear vision of what is in front of you.


Example version:

Click here to get access to the “course content map” example to see and learn how you should do it.


Click here to get access to the “course content map” template and build your own.



Course Financial Sheet

The link below will help you to keep your revenue from your courses clean and tracked.

Click here to get access to “Course Financial Sheet”

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