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Ecommerce Advertisement

Advertisement play a huge role in marketing and growing a business and it is vital to learn everything about it.

During this section we will learn about the structure of advertisement, then we will go deep in advertising on each platform and learn all the strategies and tricks about it.

Finally I will share some advanced strategies that help you to create successful ads and increase sales.

social-media ads advertisment - pouya eti - best ecommerce and marketing course

Online advertisement structure

Before creating any ad it is better to understand the ad structure and the definition of some of the important terms.

  • Campaign: Is the foundation of any ad and in this step you must select the objective and the goal of your ad.
  • Ad set: Ad sets are groups of ads that share settings for how, when and where to run
  • Ad: In this part you will select or upload your media (photo/video) and write the caption, headline and select the right call to action for your ad.
advertisement structure- ecommerce best course by pouya eti

Facebook Ads

Ads manager

Ads manager is the part where we are able to see all of our campaigns, ad sets and ads with all the details, how their are going on and much more information about them.

If you want to check the result of your ad or turn and ad on or off, this is the place.

Before creating any kind of ad using Facebook ads manager, I strongly suggest to set your billing info. I have heard many times from my students that they tried to do this after creating an ad and they faces some bugs. So to avoid any future problems it is better to add the payment method now and then use Facebook ads manager.


There are several important sections in the menu which are:

  • Audience
  • Event manager
  • Ads manager

Audience is for the part that you create specific type of audience for your ads which later we will go deeper into this section and learn about all type of audience that you can create for your business.

Event manager is about the events happening on your website which is tracked by Facebook pixel. If a user visit your product but don’t buy it, you can find out about it using event manager.