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Ecommerce Audience

The next step is to know who your audiences are, what do they like, what is their demographics. What problem do they have and much more. During this section, we will focus on really knowing the dream customers, people who are the best fit for the business.

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Who is your audience?

To be able to know our audience we need to find the answers for the form below:

  • Age range:
  • Gender:
  • Location:
  • language:
  • Interests:
    • include:
    • exclude:
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they need?
  • Where they look for it?


Finding the answers for this list will show you exactly how you can find and drive traffic toward your product and increase your sales. You may guess some of the answers but we will use different tools and strategies to find the answers.

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Existing customers

If you want to create an ecommerce system for a business which already have some customers you can get some of the data you need from the business and answer some of the questions.

Some business gather these data by themselves, some use Google analytics to analyze the customers. So they may already have some of the answers.

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Existing followers

Same as existing customrs, some businesses already have followers on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Each of these tools have some insight sections which can show you the information and demographics about your followers. This data can help you find the answers you need for the form.

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Guess work

Even if you don’t have any of the existing situations we talked about, you may have some idea about your dream customers, about their gender or about their age.

For example if you are going to sell makeup, you know that your dream customers are women, or if you want to sell tech stuff and gadgets, your dream customers must be mostly men.

So this way you can guess the answers and as we go forward we can check if you were right or not.

Competitor mining

It is vital to know who is your competitor in the market according to the product or service that you provide. During this section we will learn how you can find your competitors and analyze their website to find out more about their customers so you can fill the form.

Almost anything you want to try, somebody else already did it, and instead of trying so hard to test new ways and strategies you can easily and much faster find the answers you need for the business.


So to have the mindset of competitor mining in every step of the way can be very helpful and literally will be the shortcut you need.

Good competitors

You should find and analyze your good competitors to find out what they are doing that made them to be successful in their field. Track their every step, learn from them and try their strategies on your business as well.

Bad competitors

You can also find competitors who are not doing very well and learn from them. Find out what did they do that they are NOT successful. This way you can also learn about the things you need to avoid along the way.


It may sound very simple but most people even don’t know how to use Google to find the information they need. The first step we have here is to search for our competitors on Google.

You can do it by searching for the same type of product or service that you provide. For example if you want to sell smart phone in a local area, all you have to do is to write down the name of the phone and the location in Google to find your competitors.
Then from there you can find their websites and in the next lectures we will learn how to use some specific tools to analyze their website.


So as a practice all you have to do know, select a product that you like to work on and then try to find the competitors. Create a list of 10 competitors from Google search, visit their website and try to learn more about them. Who they are, what they are doing exactly and much more.

Tools to analyze competitor's website

Now that you have made your research and gather the info it is time to fill the form about your audience bio.