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Ecommerce Blueprint

It is vital to know the process of ecommerce before going deep in each step. Below you see a diagram that shows all the steps you need to consider to have successful online sales.

As we go forward during the upcoming sections, we will go deeper in each part.

03-ecom process diagram - pouya eti - best ecommerce and marketing course

Business Goal

“To get where you want to go, first you must know your destination.”

Most people spend their time just trying to get somewhere without knowing where they want to go. It is like you are in the street just driving around without knowing the destination address. After hours you wonder why you are not getting to the destination.

That is why it is crucial to know the destination before moving toward it, and this is what we are going to do during this step.

Inside the course, we plan to move toward four different destinations, and you must select the goal before we start the process.

  • Ecom Agency
  • Ecom Freelancer
  • Ecom For Your Business
  • Ecom Affiliate

During the upcoming lectures, we will talk more about each of these goals, and by the end, you need to think about them and select the one which is the best fit for your situation.

business goal for ecom agency - freelancer - business owner - affiliate - best ecommerce and marketing course

Ecom Agency

I believe the Ecom agency is one of the most needed businesses in 2020 and 2021. Most companies wen out of business because they couldn’t do their business online and have sales. The world needs a lot of Ecom agencies, which makes it an excellent opportunity for those who want to select it as your goal.

The whole process is about creating a system for other companies to have online sales. The main steps are:

  • Defining their audience
  • Help companies improve their product
  • Track traffic sources
  • Create funnels / website

 For the Ecom agency, you need to have at least 6 months of your expenses as a budget. You need to register the company, bank account, and office for the company, and in the long run, you can hire people to help you.

Ecom Freelancer

Ecom freelancer very much looks like Ecom agency but much cheaper and easier to begin, but in the long run, it has less profit comparing to Ecom agency.
You can start anytime and anywhere like a freelancer, and along the course, we have lectures where we go more in-depth and talk more about the strategies and platforms you can use to become successful in this field.

ecom freelancer - pouya eti - best ecommerce and marketing course
business owner - pouya eti - best ecommerce and marketing course

Ecom For Your Business

Ecommerce for your own business is one of the most exciting parts because you have the chance to get to your dreams, but comparing to other ways, this is the most complicated and difficult one.
For this one you must have your product, now you can produce it yourself, or you can buy it from a producer. Either way, you need to have a laser focus on your product to bring it to a reasonable level to be able to attract customers.

The process of eCommerce is similar to what we had before only this time, you are your own boss, you get paid if you have sales, and you are 100% responsible for your business.

Along the course, we will have more lectures on this topic, and I will share my experience with you to make the process a bit easier for you.

Ecom Affiliate

Ecommerce for affiliates is a little bit different from other ways. You have no control over the product but selecting the right one. Also, you have no control over the main funnels, but you can create your own email marketing system.
The most important part of affiliate marketing is to gather the audience in your system to run a different campaign over and over and get paid by the product owner company.

As we go forward inside the course, we will talk about affiliate marketing and how you need to grow your business if you select this type for your eCommerce system.