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Ecommerce Instagram

Instagram is one of the great platforms for marketing, in different niches, which has a lot of tactics that can help you grow the business and have more sales.

During this section we will talk about the key points of building your page and top marketing strategies that help you to gather the traffic and then drive them toward yoru funnels.

instagram marketing - pouya eti - best ecommerce and marketing course

Advanced Instagram Page Building

During the next couple of lectures we will mostly focus on how we can design our page to be more effective and successful. There are some important key elements such as:

  • Converting your page into a business page
  • Selecting the right username and name
  • Selecting the right page image
  • Writing the right bio


Business page

It is a must to have a business page because then you will have access to the analytics on your page and the data you receive can be vital in the success of your Instagram page and later your business.

An other reason you must have a business page is because then you will be able to run ads on Instagram, like the ones you see while you are scrolling your feed page, or watching stories.

So all you need to do is to just:

go to your page > settings > account > switch to business page.

Then follow the steps and finally you see your page converted into business page.

instagram page for ecommerce pouya eti

Name / Username

Most people don’t know how effective is to select the right name and username for their page. The name and username must have 2 main features:

  1. being short and and understandable
  2. use connected keywords

So if you use long and complicated names, people won’t remember your page and later even if they want to visit, they may not remember the name.

For example my full name is Pouya Etemadi Rad, but on my page I have shortened it to Pouya Eti to make it easier to read, understand and remember.


On the other hand, you must use the words which are connected to your topic and niche. Again in my page, as a name I have written: Pouya Eti – Marketing Expert.

This phrase will also direct people who are looking for the word Marketing which is my main field.

As we go forward we will speak more about these strategies and how effective they are in growing your page.

Page image

Page image is one of the main key points that help people to ID your page and understand it is you. For companies it is better to just use the company logo and for person branded pages (like mine that I am the brand of the company) it is better to just use a simple image of your face.

The image must be very simple and understandable.


Writing a good bio is very effective in the success of your page. These are some of the most vital element you must use and follow to write a good bio for your page:

  • It must be short, simple and understandable
  • It must explain
    • what this page is about
    • Why users should follow this page
    • Call to action – to drive traffic to to a landing page
  • Use emogies to make it more understandable

Instagram Traffic sources

Below you can see a diagram of the different ways to drive traffic from inside the Instagram to your page. Inside the lecture we will talk more about each and as we go forward inside the marketing strategies section.

instagram traffic source diagram - ecommerce best course - pouya eti

Instagram Marketing Strategies

instagram post notification - ecommerce best course by pouya eti


Consistency in posting good content is the main strategy in marketing that make your page on any platform successful. The more you do it with good content quality the more successful your page will be, and it is that simple.

There are 2 important note I want to share here:

  • Not all of your followers see your post: the main reason is because Instagram will show the posts that followers are mostly interested in. Meaning if one of your followers don’t pay attention to your posts or stories for several times, Instagram will stop showing posts to them.
  • Turing on post notifications: Followers can turn on post notifications to receive notifications when you upload a post. You can ask them to turn it on by giving rewards.
instagram post engagement for explore page - ecommerce best course by pouya eti


The more engagement you have on your posts or stories the higher chance you will have to appear your posts on the the explore page of Instagram.

So all you have to do is to encourage people to get engaged on your post, leave comments and respond them.

hashtag instagram - ecommerce best course by pouya eti


On all of your posts you must use at least 25 hashtags which you can rank it. Hashtags will help a lot to get new traffic for your page easily. Inside the video lecture I will explain exactly how you should find and select your hashtags according to the level of your page.

location place instagram - ecommerce best course by pouya eti


Always use location under your posts because people also can find your posts through searching for specific locations.

qr-code instagram name tag - ecommerce best course by pouya eti

Name tag

Name tag is mostly good for local businesses. You can create your name tag on your Instagram page and then share the image on your product packages or visit cards and so on.

tagging others on instagram - ecommerce best course by pouya eti


Tagging other pages on your posts will help you to drive some of the traffic from the tagged pages to your page. But you must tag pages who are connected to what you do.

contest on instagram - ecommerce best course by pouya eti


Creating different contest on your page and asking people to share your posts or tagging their friends will help a lot to grow your page very fast with small budgets.

followers instagram - ecommerce best course by pouya eti

Follow unfollow

You can target some of the pages who has your potential followers and start to follow and then after some time unfollow them. This way you can quickly grab their attention and direct them toward your page, but you can’t do it a lot because Instagram may recognize it and block you for some time.