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Ecommerce Product

The product we market is important because even if you do the best marketing but the product has issues, people won’t buy the product for the second time and the sales will drop.

So if you are the product owner, or want to do marketing for other companies you need to find their product weaknesses and let them know to improve it.

But if you want to do this as an affiliate then you must select the right product which as we go forward we will talk more about it.

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Why people should buy your product?

Before marketing any product and even before you start any process and planning, you must know why people should buy from you not others.

Most people and companies just fall in love with their own product because they worked on it and they think people will buy it because they will think like them, but when they release their product in the market they face an other reaction from people.

So at these stage there are several aspects to analyze regarding the product you want to market.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Likeability
  • Ease of use
  • Value

You should analyze the product in each of these areas and then compare it with your competitor’s product and find the advantages the product has.

If there is no advantage over competitors products, you shouldn’t expect any sales. Also, you don’t need to have advantage in all areas to have a successful product in the market. So let’s talk about each


There are 2 aspect to analyze the price:

  • Comparison with competitor’s product price
  • Affordability for the geo location



  • Offer different pricing plans
  • Remove unimportant production cost
quality of the product


Quality has 3 aspect to analyze:

  • Substance quality
  • Production quality
  • Presentation quality


The definition of quality in each of these areas in any products inside the market can be different. That is why you need to analyze it separately and find solutions to improve it.

Trust of the product


Trust has 2 aspect to evaluate:

  • Features of the product
  • Sores

The goal here is to use the aspects above to remove any doubts that the customer may have.

So again, the solution depend on the type of the product.

likeability of the product


The product must be likeable for the customers to convince them to buy from you and the main aspect it has is mostly about design.

Ease of use

Ease of use

There are 2 main aspect to make the process of using the product easier and they are:

  • Clear and understandable
  • Shortened the steps


product value


The amount people pay for your product is proportional to the problem you will solve for them. Value is the most important element that can separate your product from the other products in the market and always come back to the question:

What problem the product is going to solve for the customer.