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How to Find Clients for Your Social Media Marketing Agency



Now that you are getting better at social media marketing, it is time to know more about how you can find clients for your agency. Inside this chapter, we will learn several strategies to find local or online clients.

5 ways to find local clients

In this lecture, we will learn 5 powerful strategies to find local targeted clients which later you can sign a contract with some of them. In this process, you should keep your niche in your mind and work on that field. So let’s learn more about these 5 ways.


  • 1- Create a local business alliance (networking group)
    • Find connections between you and your target
      • Ex: if your niche is restaurants, get in touch with companies that are already working with restaurants
    • Offer 10% commission to them for offering each client


  • 2- Meetup – meetup.com find meeting connected to your business
    • Meetings that you know your targeted clients will be there
    • Show business card
    • Tell them what you did for other companies like them
    • Setup a meeting


  • 3- Business owners group
    • Go on Facebook and Linkedin and search for “business owners + location”
    • If it doesn’t exist, create one


  • 4- Do public speaking
    • Look for seminars that are connected to your niche and ask to speak
    • Many people will come to you


  • 5- Pay attention when you are outside
    • There are thousands of companies that you see every day, they can be your client


General tip: Create a list of all of your potential clients, later we will learn how you can sign a contract with them.

Find online clients

You may want to find clients in other cities or countries. There are some general steps to find them and later the same as before we will focus on how you can convince them to sign a contract with you.

So the first step that you have to take is to search for them and you can use 2 main tools too look for them:

You can search for the companies in your niche in that specific location and create a list of the top companies that fit you. Then the next step is to find the contact information of the person who is in charge.

You can search for them inside LinkedIn and the same as before create a list and keep their contact. Later on the upcoming sections, we will use these lists.


It is a numbers game

The way you are going may take some time and may have very hard moments but it is important to be ready for them and know what you are getting in to. There are some general tips I would like to share with you:

  • Be a gold miner
    • Some people may not be able to work with you
    • You will hear NO a lot, that’s part of the game


  • You are gold as well
    • Respect yourself and work with clients who value you, and your service


  • Go for NO – every 10-20 NO, you will get 1 yes
    • Then the more No you get, the more Yes you will have
    • Some people are meant to become your clients later


  • Get the email of everybody you talk to
    • Put them in a weekly newsletter
    • Send updates
    • Tips
    • Show them statistics

Motivate yourself

In this course we are not just focusing on digital marketing and finding clients, you need more tools to help you get there. You need a way to think, a lifestyle that helps you get there. In this lecture, we are going to talk about some useful points.


  • Brain understand what it sees – rewire your brain
    • See documentaries
    • Biographies
    • Speak with people who did it before you


  • The power of verbally reprogramming your brain
    • Feel the success before you get it > if not = you can’t survive
    • But don’t be over optimistic
    • Tell yourself 30 times/day, but it must be realistic
    • It is positive affirmation and it takes between 2-4 months
    • Practical task: tell yourself a sentence about your business that starts with “I love that … “. say it 30 time/day, 5 days/week


Qualify business owners

In this part, we will take a look at some general tips that help you find the right client for you and your agency.

  • They must have normal or above average revenue so they can pay you
  • Number of employees
    • Minimum 10
    • Better to be 20-75
  • Equity owner
    • Speak with someone in charge, who can make decisions
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