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How to avoid future problems

Years ago my mentor told me “Prepare for tomorrow, today. When something bad happens is not the time to think about the solution, you had to see it coming”. To be honest I didn’t know exactly what he was saying at the time and it took me several years to understand and learn it.

This is such a great skill to see the future before it happens. You may think it is like a superpower and more just a fantasy, but in a moment I will show you how you can improve yourself in this field.

The concept

There is an idea which I call it rope breaking point. It is interesting to know that a rope will alert you before it 100% breaks. You can see in the image below that some of the thin threads already broke, which is alerting us that the rope is going to break soon.

rope breaking - avoid future problems - pouya eti

Now our problems in life are almost similar to this rope. Before something bad happen there are signs you need to learn how to read them.

Reading signs

When a problem is going to happen, before that it will show us signs (most of the time, ofc there are some exceptions) and if you improve yourself to pay attention to the sign, you will know what will happen and you can get ready for it.

Imagine you are driving in a road, and you see some singes beside the road, turn to right in 500 meter. If you don’t pay attention to the sign, in 500 meter you will face a dangerous situation.


Now our problems in our lives are just similar, before they happen they start to show you some sings, all you need to do is to pay attention.

Look at the things which are happening around you, in business, in life, friends and family. All of these will show you the signs you need to understand what’s happening.


For example, several years ago, politically something happened and I wasn’t a person to follow news, so the problem caught me off-guard and hurt my business. I lost a lot of money, but since then I started to pay more attention to politic and what is happening in the world.

Since then many things happened but I always was ready for it and took the necessary steps to protect myself, my family and my business.


So the main trick here is to pay attention to what is happening around you, be realistic, gather information, analyze data.

After that all you have to the just take some steps, prepare yourself and when the get to the problem, nothing much happen.

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zebi jafri
zebi jafri
3 years ago

Good Morning..I have recently joined this course and it looks Interesting and really helpful..but how this course will help me in future?? kindly suggest me 🙂