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How to Manage Your Clients After Signing the Deal



How to manage clients: In this section, we will learn more about managing your clients after you sign the deal with them. There are some important things to do which will make your work much easier. We will have a look at the payment system, client retention and increasing the ROI.

Billing form and payment methods

There are some general instructions to follow for you. For now, we will focus on the payment system.

  • Billing authorization form
    • You and your client both must have a copy
    • Billing date
    • Billing amount
    • Notarize


Pay attention to take the business card not personal. Otherwise, you may face some problems along the way. You can use some online platforms for the payments and transactions like:

Note !!! Always send a reminder before and after each transaction.

3 Rules of client retention

Sign a deal with a client is the first half of the way, and the other one is to keep it. Below I have mentioned 3 rules that will help you to keep your clients much longer.


  • Rule 1: Set expectations
    • I suggest bringing the expectations a bit lower than what you can deliver
    • Explain the process


  • Rule 2: Look like an authority
    • You must look like a person in charge
    • Contact them every
      • 1 week
      • 2 weeks
      • 1 month
      • Depending on their pace


  • Rule 3: Build a relation
    • Try to make a friendship
    • Send gifts
    • Include them in your email list
      • Send social media updates
      • Educate them regarding your profession
      • Let them know that you are the expert

How to increase the client’s ROI

The main job that you as a social media marketer have is to increase the RIO (return on investment) of your client by bringing more sales. The first thing you have to do is to:

Build a 30-day game plan

look at marketing more strategy, that from where you are going to bring traffic, what do you need for it, when it must be done, how people are going to buy the product and so on. Get your client on every platform, and see which ones are the best for their business.


Cultivating customers:

There is a formula that will help you figure out if this is working for the business or not. Create a chart according to the formula bellow.

Purchase frequently  x   purchase quantity = game plan result 

  • If it is good, then double down
  • If it is bad redesign a new income stream
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What about the Social media report for a client?

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How can we report on the performance of our efforts for a client?

1 year ago

Do you have a sales contact example?