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Building a 6-Figure Sales Funnel



The definition of sales funnels refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model. In this chapter, we will learn how you can create a sales funnel to get results.

How to build a 6-figure sales funnel

This sales funnel includes 4 major sections which together will go through it.

  • Social media channel
  • Lead page
  • Email sequence
  • Sales page



Social media channel

You have to use all of your social media channels to drive people to your lead page. You can also use ads on different platforms. We had talked about this part before on the first couple of sections. The main process of sales funnels starts from the lead page.

You have to offer a free gift, like a pdf or a guide or discount coupon and so on. Users will click on the CTA and go to the lead page.



Lead page

Lead page is the place where you have to convince the user that you will deliver value and push them to take action. Follow the instructions below step by step to build your lead page.

  • Big title
  • deliver value, educate people
  • Email sign up form

From here You will send users to a thank you page where they can download the free pdf or guide … . The important thing here is that now you have their email and each user enters an email sequence (auto responders) which includes 5 steps.



Email sequence

In this stage, you have to send 5 emails, one every day which each of them has a great purpose in this sequence. Let’s take a look:

  • Day 1: Know
    • Speak about the user
    • I know your problem
  • Day 2: Like
    • Share stories the same as users
    • case studies
    • Connect with them
  • Day 3: Trust
    • Reviews
    • testimonials
    • what you have done for others
  • Day 4: Challange
    • Most people think … is wrong
    • Then give the right info
    • Bring reasons for your weakness
  • Day 5: Convert
    • Sell them the product

In all of these steps that the user didn’t take, you have to provide the other email again with the same purpose. You should do it several times, but remember not to spam people.


There is a great book that will help you a lot which name is: The Challenger Sale by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon


The Challenger Sale by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon-social-media-marketing-agency-pouya-eti-course-sales-funnel2

Sales page

The last step of this sales funnel is to direct users to a landing page, prepared to sell the product. It is suggested that the landing page must be only about 1 product. The sales page must include the elements below:

  • Headline
      • Must be H1
      • 5-10 words
      • Very simple and understandable
  • VSL
      • Video Sales Letter
      • Speak about the rewards of your product
      • Use cognitive biases to persuade people to buy from you
  • CTA
      • First, call to action button to the checkout page
  • Benefits
      • Write down the rewards people will receive if they use your product
  • Benefits of benefits
      • Write down the rewards which people will receive in the longer term, think much deeper
  • Social proof
      • Case studies
      • Testimonials
  • Features
      • Everything about your product
      • All the elements it has
  • CTA
      • The second call to action to the checkout page


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3 years ago

Hi. What is the difference between landing page and lead page? Thank you for your response.

Emmanuel Courage Uduaghan
Emmanuel Courage Uduaghan
3 years ago
Reply to  Desiree

Hi Desiree – a lead page is an example of a landing page. Every landing page has a certain function or goal. For example the goal of a lead page like Pouya explained is “to convince the user that you will deliver value and push them to take action” So there is no difference.

3 years ago

Hi. What is the difference between Sales Page and landing page?

3 years ago

I like the way that you set up this site. Thank you. I’m one of your students

3 years ago