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Copywriting for Social Media Platforms



Copywriting is very important in the social media marketing or any other marketing. it’s the way you can grab people’s attention, keep them hooked and convinced them to become your customer. In this chapter, we will learn some strategies which will help you in this field.

6 Social media copywriting tips

Copywriting for social media can be a bit different from normal situations. In this part, we will learn and practice 6 copywriting tips for social media. I wrote it with bullet points so you understand easier and later you can review them much faster.

  • 1- Use verbs (active language)
    • verbs: get, take, click, download = action
    • Bad ex: Our store is great, come visit us
    • Good ex: Get cheap prices with high value at our store
    • It must push the audience to make an action


  • 2- Keep it simple
    • Use 1-2 syllables words
    • Very good for B2C


  • 3- Ask questions from people that end up getting to your business
    • Would you do this, if it happens to you?
    • Would you trust this product in these situations
    • Questions must look you are really asking something from people, and this will push them to think and want to know more what are you talking about.


  • 4- Be specific
    • Get to the point, don’t confuse the listener
    • Bad ex: We are at the end of this stress, ask us about our sale
    • Good ex: We are at this address (explain the streets and the exact number), ask Jim about our special offer


  • 5- CTA
    • Direct people to the next step
    • What they should do next, on both local and online
    • Even on your website, steps must be clear


  • 6- The formulas for Social media copywriting
    • PAS:
      • P: Problem
      • A: Agitation (make the problem much worse)
      • S: Solution
        • Ex: Your leaky sink | is draining your wallet! | We will fix it for you, call us at this number
    • AIDA
      • A: Attention
      • I: Interest
      • D: Desire
      • A: Action
        • Ex: Got dirty laundry? | We will clean it for you | Enjoy free coffee and wifi while you waiting | Visit us now at this link



Get fans to write copy for you

One of the important tasks you have on social media platforms is to connect with people, understand them and then present the product. Get in touch with them and see if it is what they all wanted. It may sound a bit confusing but don’t worry, we are going to learn more about it. Bellow you can see general instructions to know what you should talk about on social media.

  • Identify what people want
    • It is important to provide what they really need. I have seen many businesses that they failed just because they provided something that their customers didn’t need.
  • Give them what they want
    • Now that you know what they want, deliver it and wait for their response
  • Pay attention to their feedback
    • Not all feedback has value but some have and if you pay attention, they will tell you which way you should go
  • Use the feedback to create more content
    • Speak about what people want
    • Fix problems the business has from worthy negative feedback
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