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How to Use Twitter for Professional Marketing Strategies



During this chapter, we will learn some general marketing strategies using Twitter. We will not go very deep into Twitter, but just pointing at some general tips which will help you and your client in marketing. So if you are ready, let’s begin.

Twitter fundamentals

In this lecture, I would like to tell you some general important tips about Twitter and how you can use it to grow a business.

  • Twitter is load
    • You can use it a lot and no one gets mad about it
    • Average 8 times a day
  • Great for testing posts
    • Since you do not need to work on the post quality a lot in here, then you can test what you have in your mind
  • Rank good
    • A good Twitter account will help a lot in ranking higher in search engines which will bring credit to the business
  • Looks more trustable
    • Having an active Twitter account will make people trust in the business
    • A page which didn’t post over the past year doesn’t look good

By just making an active Twitter account for a business, you will bring a lot to the table for them. In the upcoming lectures, we will learn more strategies about Twitter.

Using Twitter to get local PR for your agency & your clients

So in this part, we are going to use Twitter to get connected with PR and grow our business. The thing is that writers and influencers are always looking after good content and if you provide that then they will write about your business.

  • Start by following all the local media writers and influencers in your area/region.
  • Create Twitter Lists of Local Influencers and Writers in Your Niche
  • Publish (blog) social media friendly content and share it with local media influencers. They’re always looking for a great story.
  • Direct outreach – Pitch to local media writers and influencers about an angle for a story based on an article. When the local media sees you as an expert or authority, they’ll reach out to you for article comments and blurbs on an ongoing basis.
  • Volunteer, give back to the community and ask for media to do a story on it to get more exposure for the cause.
  • Add a PR person to your business alliance network group
  • Sign up for – helpareporter.com
  • Twitter analytics: Followerwonk.com

General tips for Twitter marketing

Twitter is not a complicated platform, for a business you just need to keep it active and be relevant, but still, there are some tips that can make a difference.

  • Reverse engineer
    • Listen to people
    • Learn what they want
    • Provide it
  • Communication
    • Engage with people
    • You can even use Twitter as a customer support
  • Direct people to your site for tracking
    • You can apply this strategy in all social media platforms
    • Then run ads using Google and Facebook
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