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SEO tutorial: Advanced Strategies to Rank Higher in Search Engines



SEO is an important part of digital marketing which you have to build it over time for any business, but there are some tricks that will help you jump several steps ahead and rank higher in search engines. We are going to begin this chapter with some fundamental stuff about SEO and then, we will get to the advanced strategies.

SEO fundamentals

So let’s begin SEO from the foundation. SEO which is the short form of search engine optimization, is one of the ways to bring traffic to a website.

You can see on the right diagram, how you can inject traffic into your website and online stores from different channels. By now we have talked about all of them but SEO. When you are working on your website, you must follow some instructions to improve your webpages from SEO perspective and then the more traffic your web pages have, the higher they rank in search engines.


But besides that, there are other strategies that will help a lot in this process which will learn during the upcoming lectures. But before that let’s talk about how you can use some specific plugins to make your work easier in SEO when you are building a web page.


Working on your webpage seo depends on what platform are you using to build your website. We are going to talk about the common one which is WordPress. There is a plugin that will help you to improve your webpage seo and that is:


Install it on your WordPress dashboard and when you want to edit each webpage, there will be a new setting added for seo. It includes several parts which you must fill:

  • Page title
  • Slug
  • Meta description
  • Focused keyword

This plugin also gives you great tips which will help you rank higher in seo.


The domain of a website has a great effect on ranking in search engines. The keyword you select can have a connection with your domain which divided into 3 types:

  • EMD: Exact match domain
  • PMD: Partial match domain
  • Branded: no match

Backlinking and its types

Backlinking is one of the common strategies in SEO but itself has a lot of tricks that most people don’t know about, even people who are advanced in digital marketing miss this and here we are going to talk about them.

Backlink is when an other website link to your site, but it must be one way, meaning if you link back Google won’t like it.




Anchor text categories

Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location on the web. The anchor text has 6 different types that are written below.

  • EMK = exact match keyword
  • PMK = Partial match keyword
  • Branded = A word or phrase connected to web page
  • Generic = like: click here, visit here
  • URL = The exact URL of the webpage
  • LSI = latent semantic indexing = It is a synonym of the keyword

Each of these must be from a different domain, and different IP (you can use VPN)

SEO Note !!!

Do not over optimize a webpage with the focused keyword, meaning do not use the keyword many times, because search engines will suppress it

Tiered link building

This strategy is the next level of backlinking which as its name indicates we are going to have tiers in the system.

  • Tier 1: backlink from Pinterest to Instagram – Generic
  • Tier 2: Backlink from Instagram to Medium – LSI
  • Tier 3: Backlink from Medium to the website – PMK

To this system we call tiered 3, building it is simple and possible but most people don’t know that it will create a good SEO effect for the final link to your website.

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Sudip Karmakar
Sudip Karmakar
3 years ago

What does Medium signify?

Ramya Prasanna
Ramya Prasanna
3 years ago
Reply to  Sudip Karmakar

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