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Advanced YouTube Marketing Strategy



As we talked about it before, YouTube is the long form of marketing, meaning even if you add a 10-hour video, people are fine with it. We are going to take a look at how to set up and optimize your YouTube channel with some advanced marketing strategies.

YouTube fundamentals

Before we get to advanced stuff about YouTube, you need to set up the channel and then follow some general steps to optimize it. So let’s have a look at the steps written below.

  • Cover photo
    • Must show what your channel is about
    • Must indicate when you will upload videos. Ex: New episodes every Friday
    • A simple look and optimized for all devices
  • Channel pic
    • Company logo or closeup face
  • Channel setting
    • Upload defaults
    • Branding
    • Advanced
      • Channel’s keywords
      • Connect Adwords
      • Website
      • Google analytics

Advanced YouTube marketing strategy

By now you have optimized your YouTube channel and it is ready to use. There are 2 main types of videos on YouTube which :

  • Viral video > storytelling
    • There is no promotion
    • Better to be emotional > push people to share it over and over
  • Content video
    • How to, entertainment, …
    • Has promotion

There are some general tips for YouTube marketing like writing a description which includes CTA right at the beginning and link to all of your channels in other platforms at the end.

For each video, you must have a focused keyword and use it in all

  • Title
  • description
  • Video file’s name
  • Video tags
  • Mentioned in your video (and caption) several times

There are some tools that will help you to add tags easier like Rapidtags.io , just paste the title and it will provide several tags connected to your video.

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Sir how Can I Start Because I’m Beginner and I don’t know much English