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On Pouyaeti, we try to provide valuable information to help people learn new skills and grow in life. We provide many articles, blogs, videos, and more to provide a better learning experience. We believe that to build a better future, we must improve the educational system, especially for children.

On this website, we are mostly focused on self-development, business, marketing, social media, improving career, having a successful mindset, psychology, philosophy, programming, design, and much more. All the information provided on this website is based on Pouya’s personal knowledge, experience, readings.


Background & Story of how Pouya got into teaching:

Back in 2015, I worked very hard with a team to create online video games for the IOS app store. Sadly we weren’t successful, and every 4 months, we faced a failure with publishing a new game. But I have to say we were getting better and better. So maybe if we continued, we got to a better place.

I knew I had to learn new things and improve myself to become successful in my business, so one day, by chance, I saw a video from Tai Lopez on YouTube. I joined his programs and started learning a mindset that later helped me improve myself in life and business.

One day I was looking at Tai’s Instagram stories where he was in an event. Inside the story, a man was holding a book named “How I make $4000 per month”. It looked interesting, so I bought it on Kindle.

After a couple of months, I had to wait 2-3 hours to visit a doctor one day. So I started reading the book on my phone. The book was the story of an instructor teaching on Udemy. I started to think that maybe I can teach something as well. After all, I learned a lot of things from Tai.

So I started my first course, and it took me 4 months to build a 2-hour course. But after that, little by little, I got better at teaching, and I started to like this field more and more. I saw how my courses are helping others to have a better life, achieve their goals, and grow.

That is why teaching and improving the educational system is essential for me. I believe people don’t born a bad people, but they have some bad teachers. So if we can pass on the good knowledge and information to the next generations, we can hope for a better future.

Today, I spend most of my time creating new content for people in free or paid formats and learning new things myself by watching a new online course, going to an event, or reading different books. The good thing about teaching is that we help others grow and get better ourselves on the topics we teach.

So if I have one piece of advice for my younger self, learn and teach what you learned to other people in need. We always feel that it is not the right time to do stuff or we wish we could go back several years where we weren’t busy so we can learn, improve or even read a book. To me, the right time is now, later will be much more difficult.

Here I have suggested some of the great books I have read over the years that thought me good things that I used to have a better life, business, and career. I strongly recommend having a look. Before I join Tai’s online programs, I thought that I could learn everything from the internet, google, and YouTube. When I read a book back in 2015, I immediately saw that this is different, this knowledge is not available in any other place, at least back then.