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-by Pouya Eti – Digital Marketing Expert


Pouya Eti - Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant & Author

Pouya Eti is a professional digital marketer with more than 10 years experience in online marketing, advertisement, design optimization and much more. He started digital marketing at early times Facebook were growing.

He started running different type of ads to grow his music business. Pouya Eti has been active in many different educational platforms such as Udemy and skillshare, where you can find most of his courses popular over the past several years. Since those days he has been active as a digital marketing expert in many different fields like mobile gaming, design service tools, eCommerce and … .

Starting from mid 2016 Pouya eti published his first online marketing course and since then he shared his knowledge with more than 240,000 students from all around the world in topics like marketing, advertisement, business, entrepreneurship and management.

Marketing is not just a job, it is the art of attracting and grabbing attention of people out there and delivering what they need. So you can join us by signing up and grow yourself in marketing and business for a better future.

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Pouya Eti

How to avoid future problems

Years ago my mentor told me “Prepare for tomorrow, today. When something bad happens is not the time to think about the solution, you had to see it coming”. To be honest I didn’t know exactly what he was saying at the time and it

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