Increase Page Speed On WordPress – 3 Easy Plugins

Author: Pouya Eti

3 Powerful and easy plugins to increase page speed on WordPress. The faster your page loads the higher chance you have to rank on Google.



Increase page speed on WordPress

One of the important steps that have a huge impact on SEO is page speed. If your page takes a long time to load you have a lower chance to rank even with good content. So during this chapter, we will learn more about 3 WordPress plugins that will help you to increase the loading page speed.




Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really easy. It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, inject CSS in the page head by default, and inline critical CSS and defer the aggregated full CSS, moves and defers scripts to the footer, and minifies HTML. In addition, you can optimize and lazy-load images, optimize Google Fonts, async non-aggregated JavaScript, remove WordPress core emoji cruft, and more. As such, it can improve your site’s performance. 




WP-Optimize Cache is a revolutionary, all-in-one WordPress performance plugin that caches your site, cleans your database, compresses your images.

Our cache feature is built around the world’s fastest caching engine. This simple, popular, and highly effective tool has everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized!



Asset CleanUp

Asset CleanUp scans your page and detects all the assets that are loaded. All you have to do when editing a page/post is just to select the CSS/JS that is not necessary to load, this way reducing the bloat.