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How Website Optimization Effects in Marketing



Website optimization is playing a very important role in digital marketing and online sales. Website is the core of the business and generally what we do in digital marketing is to direct users to our website, so it is important that it fits the standards of a well-optimized website. During this chapter, we will learn what instructions you should follow to have an optimized website.

Website optimization instructions

There are some general rules you should follow to improve a website that is written below.

  • Responsive on all devices
    • Your website must look good on all devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, phone
  • A video right at the top
    • A video that explains exactly what the company does
    • In a short time 1-3 min
  • CTA
    • Ask people to buy
  • Know what people want
    • Why people come to your website
    • what do they need
  • 0 – 1 click maximum
  • Give something for free for email leads
  • It should look like a funnel
    • ask people more in every step




Now follow the lecture and let’s practice together so you can master what we have talked about.

Web Optimization Main Goal

The main goal of optimizing a website is to make it more understandable and answer to the primary needs of users

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Ahmed adel.
Ahmed adel.
2 years ago

Hi, note that you type fo instead of typing of at the end of that topic, exactly at “Web Optimization Main Goal”.

1 year ago

Hello, So, I should have my home page set up as the landing page, not sales page, correct? I just started creating my website and working on optimizing it. Thanks!