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What is domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website where Internet users can access your website. Without a domain, having a website is not possible.

To have a website you must have a domain and a host. A domain is like the address of a house and a host is like the land the house was built on. Imagine you want to tell your friend to come to your house, which without an address your friend can not find it. The story is the same for a website.

what is domain name and domain extension

Domain name extensions

Domain name extensions are the last part of a domain name. For example, in ‘pouyaeti.com,’ the domain extension is .com.

Domains come in different formats and different prices such as:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .gov

Also, each country has its own domain name format and you can only buy those domains with some specific documents required based on the law of that country.

Where you can buy a domain name?

There are many famous domain providers such as Google domain, Namecheap, Godaddy, and so on.

Pouya Eti's advice on selecting a domain name

To select the right domain name for your business, there are several different factors you need to consider. These tips will help you to find what is right for you and make your marketing work easier for future use.

These factors are:

Number of letters

The shorter your domain is, the easier people can remember it. When we are looking at a domain from a marketing point of view, it is vital that the address remains in our audience’s mind so they can come back to it later.

For example, when I wanted to select my domain I could select my full name and last name which is ‘pouyaetemadirad.com’ but you see how long it is and how difficult it could be for people to remember. So I have selected ‘pouyaeti.com‘.

Also you should know that the shorter the domain name is, the more expensive it become.

Functional meaning

When you select your domain name, if your domain has a functional meaning connected to what you or your company does, it will make the work for people much easier to understand and connect to.

But this is not doable for all websites. Most websites use a brand name without any meaning, but in case you are just building a website for a product like ‘rankmath.com‘ you can use a name that also explains what your website is about. In this example, rankmath is a website offering a plugin for ranking on search engines.

Global or local

When you want to buy a domain name for your business, you must know if your business is global (worldwide) or local (only in one country).

Based on this information if your business is going to be local, my suggestion is to buy a domain name with the extension of the country where your business is located. This way people trust easier and also selecting a domain on other extensions will be less competitive.

But if your business is global you must buy a .com type of domain. The main reason is that people mostly remember websites as a .com and this will make your work much easier. This way people will only need to remember the name of your business, not the extension.

Selecting a global domain is way more difficult because already there are a lot of websites out there with the .com domain extension. Also, I suggest checking the domain name you select and see if it is available on different social media platforms.

What is domain name?

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Jaime Meneses
Jaime Meneses
2 years ago

good information

2 years ago

the adress of your sitweb. where people can found you or your business on the internet

1 year ago
Reply to  Oriol

By promoting yourself

2 years ago

How about mixing between local and global domain. Is it good to do that?

1 year ago

Domain name can be said to be a brand name or unique identity for identifying a particular website be it local or global.

1 year ago

Domain name is simply the address of your website