Complete SEO Training

Author: Pouya Eti

The complete SEO training (search engine optimization) - learn SEO and how you can improve your website to rank higher on search engines.



SEO Training

On this page (SEO training), we will answer some fundamental questions about SEO, SEO history, how it works, etc. In addition, you can find the chapters below to learn and become a master at SEO.

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What is SEO?

 SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and it means to improve the performance of a site to increase visibility when people search for connected terms on search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

 The better visibility your page has on a search result, the more traffic you can drive to your website.

How does it work?

 Search engines like Google and Bing use bots to gather more information about different websites and prepare a search result page based on different factors. 

 It is like a massive library with millions of books, and librarians already arranged every book and put them in the right place. So when you are looking for something, you find the most connected result immediately.

 Search engine algorithms will analyze and decide which web page they should show first, second, third, etc.

 Now there are some elements that will help search engines to understand a web page is more relevant to the question asked by the user, than other results.


You can find a list of pages that will help you understand SEO and learn everything you need to know about it on the right column. In addition, you can learn more about every phrase used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), every tip, and strategy to improve a web page to rank higher on this free SEO tutorial.

Pouyaeti provides free and paid training on topics such as marketing business and self-development.

How do I optimize my content?

The exact step-by-step process I use to optimize each page of my site for search engines. Besides 25 real-life cases of the SEO techniques I use on-site in action. It’s my way to rank #1 at the top of the SERPs for competitive keywords without needing an SEO tool. Then, how you use that information to rank in Google or Bing!

To optimize any content on a web page, you must first know the weak points. Then, you will learn how to analyze a web page along with this SEO Training. After you examine a webpage, the next step is to add or remove some content, use some specific keywords on the page connected to the topic. Different tools can help you with page analysis like Rank math, Yoast, or Surfer SEO.

How can I get a higher ranking with advanced strategies and resources?

How can be a good fit for Google’s newly announced UX Signals? This is now the first thing I do whenever I help a new client with his Search Engine Optimization. After you optimize the content of a webpage, all remains are to drive traffic from any source you can to that page. The higher the traffic, the higher your chance will be for ranking.

How do I build links from authority sites?

“The Applesauce Technique”: my go-to tool in linking. Twenty scripts process checklists that help you with link-building strategies throughout. Renovation link building can help you obtain links to authority sites in your industry.

To get better at link building, we have a step-by-step plan in the link building chapter of this training where you can learn more about it and practice at the same time.

How do I do keyword research?

What kinds of keywords work 10x better? Show some ideas on keyword-searching for keywords that your competitors don’t know. Different tools can help you with keyword research, but generally, you must target keywords with low competition and high search volume. Repeat that on other pages, and before you know it, your website receives a tremendous amount of traffic.

To know more about Keyword research, please click here to read the first step of the SEO basics chapter.

My first attempt at SEO was a disaster.

I remember it was several years ago, I just learned how to build a website for myself so I can drive traffic from social media channels to my website and online store. Back then there weren’t any good SEO courses out there to buy, I just found some information about the basics of SEO online.

I started to practice on different pages but sadly I couldn’t hit the first page no matter how hard I tried. So I started to look for more content and learn SEO better. After several years of practicing, reading, learning, and trying I finally came up with a good system that can work on any website at any stage.

Getting to the search results page is not easy, especially on high competitive keywords, but still with this system anybody has a high chance of getting there. So along with this training, we will learn more about the rules of this system, so you can rank on the first page of search results as well.

Learning how to rank a page high on the search engine is one of the most required tasks on digital marketing. So I believe all people who want to become a professional at digital marketing must know everything about how a search engine works and how you can rank number 1 there.