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SEO plugins for wordpress wix and html - seo training

SEO Plugins For WordPress, Wix & HTML

SEO Settings Now that you have learned all about SEO and its strategies to rank higher on search engines, it is time to go a bit deeper into (SEO plugins for WordPress) the settings and how you can apply all this stuff on different platforms

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link building for SEO training small

Link Building Strategy For SEO

What is Link Building? Link building is called the process of adding links to your content or from other websites to your web page. This chapter will focus on link building strategy and using these tips to improve or rank on search engines.   But

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3 advanced on-page seo tips

3 Advanced On-Page SEO Tips

1- The Voice Search The first tip we will talk about in these 3 advanced on-page SEO tips is the voice search and the way we should write the keyword. As we go forward, the voice search becomes more popular, and the difference is that

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what is traffic - seo term

What is Traffic – SEO Term

It is called to the people who visit a website which can be tracked by different platforms, like Google Analytics. The number of visitors to a website plays a major role in the ranking of a website. The more visitors the higher it can rank

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what is sitemap - seo term (1)

What is Sitemap – SEO Term

As the name indicates, it is a map of your website built by a webmaster or a plugin so search engines can understand your website better and show better results on SERP. Why do we need a Sitemap and how to build one Creating a

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What is SERP - search engine result page

What is SERP – SEO Term

It stands for ‘Search Engine Result Page .’ It is the page you are sent to after running a query in a search engine. It typically has 10 results on it, but this may vary depending on the query and search engine in question. How we

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what is ppc or pay per click - seo term

What is PPC (Pay Per Click) – SEO Term

It is an advertising method in which an advertiser puts an ad in an online advertising venue and pays that venue each time a visitor clicks on the ad. Google AdWords is a classic example of this. It stands for pay per click, a model of

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what is page title - seo term

What is Page Title – SEO Term

The name you give your web page, which is seen at the top of your browser window. Titles (also known as page names) should contain keywords related to your business. Words at the beginning of your title are more highly weighted than words at the

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