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nofollow link - seo term

What is nofollow link – SEO Term

When you create a link to another website or web page, search engines will follow those links and it will be considered as an inbound link or back link, unless when you create the link mark it as nofollow from the link setting so search

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what is meta description

What is Meta Description – SEO Term

A short description of 160 characters or less about the contents of a page and why someone would want to visit it. This is often displayed on search engine results pages (SERP) below the page title as a sample of the content on the page.

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what is Long Tail Keyword - seo term

What is Long Tail Keyword – SEO Term

To an uncommon keyword with two or more words, we call a long tail keyword. Below you can see some examples with comparison.   Short-tail: Marketing Barbershop Online games Long-tail: Online marketing course for beginners Men barbershop in London Educational online games for children Why

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what is a keyword as seo term

What is a keyword – SEO Term

It is called to a word or a group of words that a user writes in a search engine to look for a topic. When you create a web page, you can select a keyword for it, and later search engines will use that phrase

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what is indexed page

What is Indexed Page – SEO Term

It is called to the pages of your website that got stored on search engines. This way search engines like Google can prepare a search result before it is asked for. This process is called indexing. indexed page process There are different ways to do

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what is inbound link or backlink?

What is Inbound Link or Backlink – SEO Term

Inbound link is called to a link on another website that directs to our own website, for example, if I put a link on this page to your website, then this link will be a backlink for your website.   Here are some more examples

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internal link seo term

What is internal link – SEO Term

What is an internal link: Creating a link on your website to another page on your website is called an internal link, meaning it is all happening inside your website. Using these types of links has positive effects on SEO. A great example of this

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what is a heading seo term (1)

What is heading – SEO Term

it’s the text placed on your webpage between the tags like < h1 > or which plays the title role which are bolder with a higher font size to grab the attention of the reader. There are 6 different types with different sizes and effects

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Google panda

What is Panda – SEO Term

Refers to a series of updates released by Google to its search engine ranking algorithm that are intended to discourage people who create large amounts of mediocre content in an attempt to claim many keyword rankings in SEO without generating much value for users. Read

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what is the fold in seo

What is the fold – SEO Term

The “fold” is the point on your website where the page gets cut off by the bottom of a user’s monitor or browser window. Anything below the line can be scrolled to but isn’t seen right away. Search engines place some priority on content above

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