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What is Anchor Text – SEO Term

The actual text of a link to a web page. On most websites, this text is usually dark blue and underlined, or purple if you’ve visited the link in the past. Anchor text helps search engines understand what the destination page is about; it describes what you will see if you click through.


Anchor text types

When we look at it from an SEO point of view, anchor texts have different types, which are:

Exact match

The “exact match” is when the anchor text is exactly the same as the main key phrase of the page we linked to.

For example, the main key phrase of this page is “anchor text”. If I create a link to this exact page with the phrase “anchor text”, then it would be the exact match type.

Partial match

This type is when we use part of the linked page key main key phrase or all of it with additional text. example:

  • “anchor phrase”
  • “anchor text types”


This type is when we use a brand name to link to a page. A word that is usually without meaning like:

Naked link is when we just use the exact URL (or link address) of the page as our link text like:


This type is very common especially as a call to action text. We call it generic when we use a common phrase like:

  • Click here
  • Learn more
  • View the product


Whenever an image is linked to a page, search engines will use the image Alt text as the link text. That is why it is so important to always use Alt text for your images on your website.

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