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What is Blog and Why we need it – SEO Term

A blog is a part of your website where you should regularly upload content like company events, descriptions, videos, photos, information on new topics, and much more.

Each blog post is a new page on your website meaning you will have more opportunities to be seen on search engines.

The structure of posts is a bit different from web pages. When you create a post you will be able to add categories and tags to your post, this way search engines can understand better what your post is about.

Why we need blog post?

When we build a website and want to drive traffic to our website, we have two options:

  • Organic traffic
  • Paid traffic

Well, paid traffic is obvious that you should run ads to receive it. But for organic traffic, one of the greater ways is to improve your website from an SEO point of view. Meaning you should rank high in many different keywords connected to your website’s main topic.

Blog posts will give you this chance to work on different keywords. Imagine if you have 100 posts connected to the main topic of your website.

If you rank high in even 20 of them, you will have a higher chance to drive free and organic traffic to your website.

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